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Black Box Corporation

Black Box Network Services is a leading network solutions provider, serving 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 194 offices throughout the world. The Black Box catalog and Web site offer more than 118,000 products including network security products such as Veri-NACT network access control. Veri-NAC is a network access control (NAC) system designed to provide maximum network security in a simple, agentless design. It requires no extensive training or dedicated personnel, no software agents, no network upgrades. Because of its agentless design and guaranteed compatibility with all existing LAN equipment, Veri-NAC has the lowest initial acquisition cost and lowest total cost of ownership. Unlike many other NAC systems, Veri-NAC doesn't require the installation of software agents on connected machines. This both simplifies installation and improves security because agents are vulnerable to hacking. It also allows you to secure devices such as smartphones, printers, and wireless access points, which won't accept an agent. To learn more about Veri-NAC, visit www.blackbox.com/go/Veri-NAC or call us at 1-800-355-7996. Black Box is also known as the world's largest technical services company dedicated to designing, building, and maintaining today's complicated data and voice infrastructure systems.
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Black Box Corporation
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