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AVAcorp is a Product and Solutions company based out of New Jersey offering innovative products for the Financial, Telecom, Utilities and Healthcare industries in Transaction processing, Process automation, Client On-boarding and Risk Management. The genesis of AVACORP and its central vision and philosophy is based on the re-use of frameworks and knowledge at all points of providing business software solutions. This manifests itself as products when the business problem is niche and the problem variables are well understood and affects large number of potential clients similarly. Product delivery is a core part of our DNA and can be seen in the way we deliver custom solutions too. AVAcorp's knowledge includes managing and delivering various market leading applications which were recognized and awarded by the industry. This includes managing very large engagement ($50 Million and more). Proficiency includes execution of mission critical projects on distinctive domains using varied technology stacks. AVAcorp leverages its knowledge and best practices in the industry to continuously innovate and provide value despite the varying global economic climate Our principals have been instrumental in creating market leading applications which were awarded with "The Banker: Application of the Year", "European Banking Technology Award: Best use of IT in Corporate & Investment Banking" awards, etc. From its inception AVA has been highly quality conscious of its intake of resources, training in high end of their skill areas and their performance evaluation to keep the standard high. This has resulted in higher quality of output at high rates of productivity. Our goal is to work with our clients in reducing their TCO year on year based on a methodology that relies on knowledge management and framework based development.
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379, Thornall St., 12th Floor
Edison, New Jersey 08820
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