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Sixth Sense Media

Sixth Sense Media offers a real-time marketing platform and managed service that delivers highly personalized and interactive customer engagement via the mobile channel. Our solutions result in increased customer retention and greater brand engagement that drives conversion for both in-house products and services as well as 3rd party brands and affiliates. The key to our customers' success is in our unique lifecycle trigger marketing platform that leverages a mobile consumer's real-time context (actions and location) with their past behavior and dynamic profile (demographics, purchases, history) that results in "just-in-time" promotions. As a result, we enable companies to deliver a wide-range of micro-segmented, contextually relevant and personalized promotions that can reward loyal customers, retain customers who are at risk of churning, offer customers up-sell opportunities, and offer targeted advertisements.
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Sixth Sense Media
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4220 NC Highway 55, Suite 340
Durham, North Carolina 27713

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