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The Definitive Guide To Application Performance Management


If one of your servers went down today, would you know about it? Probably. But if an obscure service on a small server that is part of a much larger solution started transacting at a slower rate than normal, would you? Perhaps not. If that obscure service is responsible for a critical activity in your business, its slight reduction in performance might be a big deal that you need to know about!

The Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management offers a comprehensive look at Application Performance Management (APM), an industry-leading mechanism for monitoring business services and applications. APM looks at every facet of the IT infrastructure, from the services to the users themselves, to gain a holistic understanding of what’s going on in your business applications. Using APM, you can quickly dive into the root causes of problems within your infrastructure. You will understand the level of impact associated with those problems, and will recognize and quantify the overall health of your IT infrastructure and business services.

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Published:  May 10, 2010
Length:  214
Type:  White Paper