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The Definitive Guide to Logon Script Replacement


Logon scripts - or login scripts, if you prefer - have been with us for a long time, essentially since the beginning of client-server networking. Most old-timers remember hacking out a NetWare login script or two, which ran inside the NetWare client's own login script processor. Those same old-timers remember the disappointment that came with Windows NT, which supported the assignment and execution of logon scripts, but didn't provide an actual scripting language specifically for them. Instead, we cobbled together batch files, using whatever command-line utilities we could find that would get the job done. Later, many admins used KiXtart, an unsupported scripting language designed specifically for logon scripts, and written by a Microsoft employee in his spare time. Eventually, most logon scripts migrated to VBScript, which was actually less well-suited to the task than KiXtart, but had the advantage of being pre-installed in most versions of Windows at the time. Today, Microsoft supports the use of Windows PowerShell as a logon script processor, although it isn't yet widely-deployed in most organizations.

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Published:  Aug 23, 2011
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Type:  White Paper