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Access all your cloud-based apps with just one password.


With all their benefits, cloud applications increase the number of passwords that end users have to remember, while decreasing the control has over user access, compromising security. The problem is that those passwords are the keys to your corporate assets in the cloud. They're the access to your company payroll, CRM database, corporate banking, email service provider, ERP system, etc., and they're all in the cloud and only as secure as who has access to the credentials. You need to have all your cloud apps, securely accessed, managed and controlled in a single place and that place is IronStratus.

This is where you can breathe a sigh of relief because rather than read a white paper explaining what you already know, you can register for a free IronStratus account and start securely accessing and managing all your cloud applications in minutes.

  • Secure access - Consolidate and access all your web applications from a single secure portal.
  • Manage and control access - Administer who gets access to which applications and instantly turn-on/off application access per user, per app, or companywide.
  • Visibility - Get visibility into who is using which applications, when.
  • It's Free - This is the best part, you can sign up and use IronStratus for Free. No commitment, no credit card, no limit on functionality.

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Published:  Apr 10, 2012
Type:  Free Offer