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Every Step Counts: Insights and guidelines for a better attribution approach

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The advent of online advertising came with a big promise, and it has delivered:

You can see a direct correlation between your ad and a customer's decision to purchase, because you know when the customer is shown your ad and ends up at the point of sale.

But this arrival in the promised land comes with a pretty significant catch:

Online ads don't eliminate the need for brand advertising or other "top of the funnel" efforts designed to plant a seed in a customer's mind, yet many advertisers and agencies drastically undervalue those efforts because it's simple and easy (although misguided) to assign credit to the last ad seen.

Effective ads lure in customers at every step of the way - not just when they are the last ones shown or clicked.

This whitepaper explains how to build a simple attribution strategy - and it doesn't have to be so hard. The technology is there to run a few simple tests, place a few pixels in the appropriate places, and gain new levels of visibility into whom your ads are reaching and how effectively they're influencing customer actions.

About Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel is the leading provider of artificial-intelligence advertising solutions that transform digital media campaigns into self-optimizing engines that learn and adapt in real-time, and deliver outstanding results from awareness to sales. Recently named #22 in Forbes Most Promising Companies in America list, over 700 of the world's most successful marketers trust Rocket Fuel to power their advertising across display, video, mobile, and social media.

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Published:  Jun 26, 2012
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Type:  White Paper