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The Social Hunger - Why Your Audience Feasts on Social Integration

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Itís undeniable that we are shifting into a new era of social. Social media now takes up the majority of peopleís media consumption. There are so many Facebook users that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest and Twitter would be right behind it. The number of people who follow @LadyGaga on Twitter is equal to the population of four New York Cities. ďSocialĒ is integrated into our lives.

As marketers, we find ourselves in a battle for attention...or better yet, engagement. The brands that are winning are the brands that provide participatory experiences, especially outside of social media. Itís no surprise that todayís social people are attracted to social brands.

What does the audience crave? 
To find out, we went right to the source: the audience. We asked more than 200 of them about their attitudes, opinions, and beliefs when it comes to brands integrating social into brand experiences. The results translate directly into principles brands can use to build a social integration strategy.

Three key findings from our study:

  1. When brands provide a social experience, people are more likely to pay attention. In our study, 62% said they were more likely to engage with social brands.
  2. Consumers are more willing to share content when itís social content. 60% said the integration of social media makes them more likely to share.
  3. Most people are already using social information to make purchasing decisions. In fact, nearly two-thirds have already done so.

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Published:  Jun 03, 2013
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Type:  White Paper