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InsideHPC Guide to Virtualization, the Cloud and HPC

By: VMware

Over the past several years, virtualization has made major inroads into enterprise IT infrastructures. And now it is moving into the realm of high performance computing (HPC), especially for such compute intensive applications as electronic design automation (EDA), life sciences, financial services and digital media entertainment.  

It took a while. Virtualization dates back to the 1960s when some of the earliest mainframes claimed center stage in the “glass house” data centers of the day. Back then the term meant dividing up mainframe’s resources to handle various applications. However, it wasn’t until the late 1990s when a group of Stanford University researchers
figured out how to virtualize the x86 instruction set that virtualization was able to move from the mainframe to the mainstream.  Those same researchers went on to form VMware and release the first virtualization product for the x86 ISA in 1999. 

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Published:  Aug 17, 2014
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Type:  White Paper