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Vulnerability Management: What you Need to Know to Prioritize Risk


While vulnerability assessments are an essential part of understanding your risk profile, it's simply not realistic to expect to eliminate all vulnerabilities from your environment. So, when your scan produces a long list of vulnerabilities, how do you prioritize which ones to remediate first? By data criticality? CVSS score? Asset value? Patch availability? Without understanding the context of the vulnerable systems on your network, you may waste time checking things off the list without really improving security.
Join AlienVault for this session to learn:

  • The pros & cons of different types of vulnerability scans - passive, active, authenticated, unauthenticated
  • Vulnerability scores and how to interpret them
  • Best practices for prioritizing vulnerability remediation
  • How threat intelligence can help you pinpoint the vulnerabilities that matter most

Tags : vulnerability, management, risk, prioritize, profile, environment, data, asset value, network, authenticated, unauthenticated, remediation, best practices, intelligence, scores, attacks, policy violations, compromise, ex filtration, exploit

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Published:  Oct 21, 2014
Type:  Webinar