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Outsourcing IT Projects to Managed Hosting or the Cloud


For many businesses, IT outsourcing remains an attractive option. Moving an application or workload to a third-party managed service or cloud service offers a range of benefits, including the ability to better manage costs, eliminate mundane IT chores and reallocate staff to more strategic projects. But simply selecting a provider and signing an SLA isn’t enough. Whether you’re looking to move over an entire IT function like e-mail, or simply to provision more storage or processing, a successful outsourcing project requires a cohesive strategy with clearly defined business problems, goals, stakeholders and processes.

This white paper outlines 12 critical success factors to consider when developing such a strategy. These factors were drawn from the 15+ years of hands-on experience Rackspace has gained helping hundreds of thousands of customers to move workloads over to managed hosting or the cloud—nearly all of which were also commonly cited across 63 different IT-focused articles published in the International Journal of Project Management. 

Note that this white paper refers specifically to company projects aimed at outsourcing infrastructure management and hosting responsibilities to a managed service provider. This paper does not cover outsourcing development or other IT functions to outsourced providers. 

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Published:  Jan 15, 2015
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Type:  White Paper