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The Data Center as a Strategic Asset

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For many CIOís data centers are, for lack of a better phrase, a necessary evil. In relation to the applications and hardware that they house, they donít change on a regular basis. Itís kind of like buying a Ferrari and realizing that you have to have a garage to put it in. Required yes, sexy no. In most instances the decision regarding what type of data center to obtain, and who to get it from, is a process of determining who gets the most checkmarks on a feature summary check sheet. Power, check; 36Ē raised floor, check; and so on. This mundane evaluation process is not the fault of the end users since they can only work with the data at hand, and the majority of data center operators market themselves of having more checkmarks at a lower cost than their competitors. If they donít envision or understand what their solutions require to be a strategic component of their customerís IT strategies, why should the end users they sell to?

The purpose of this white paper is to describe the provider thinking and product elements that must be addressed to change the data center selection process from one that is tactical to one that is strategic in nature.

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Published:  Jul 07, 2015
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Type:  White Paper