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Seismic Processing Places High Demands on Storage


Finding oil and gas has always been a tricky proposition, given that reserves are primarily hidden underground, and often as not, under the ocean as well. The costs involved in acquiring rights to a site, drilling the wells, and operating them are considerable and has driven the industry to adopt advanced technologies for locating the most promising sites. As a consequence, oil and gas exploration today is essentially an exercise in scientific visualization and modeling, employing some of most advanced computational technologies available.

High performance computing (HPC) systems are being used to fill these needs, primarily with x86-based cluster computers and Lustre storage systems. The technology is well developed, but the scale of the problem demands medium to large-sized systems, requiring a significant capital outlay and operating expense. The most powerful systems deployed by oil and gas companies are represented by petaflop-scale computers with multiple petabytes of attached storage, which match some of the most capable supercomputers at national laboratory HPC sites. For oil and gas systems, however, there are some notable differences in terms of time to market urgency as well as application productivity, data availability and ease of management requirements.

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Published:  Jan 26, 2016
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