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My name is Jonathan McCaffrey and I work on the infrastructure team here at Riot. This is the first post in a series where weíll go deep on how we deploy and operate backend features around the globe. Before we dive into the technical details, itís important to understand how Rioters think about feature development. Player value is paramount at Riot, and development teams often work directly with the player community to inform features and improvements. In order to provide the best possible player experience, we need to move fast and maintain the ability to rapidly change plans based upon feedback. The infrastructure teamís mission is to pave the way for our developers to do just that - the more we empower Riot teams, the faster features can be shipped to players to enjoy.

Tags : technology efficiency, market dynamics, data privacy, data security, device management, platform management, enterprise management

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Published:  Oct 25, 2017
Type:  Webinar