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How To Power Your Go-To-Market Strategy with Fire


You have lots of leads, but finding the right match is getting harder and harder.

You know the good leads are out there. They might even be looking for you. The trouble is, those good leads are hidden among so many bad ones. Your sales and marketing teams know this. They’re facing a deluge of data, not all of it reliable, and they’re trying to decode that data using outdated point solutions and imperfect criteria. Which means a lot of time spent running campaigns, initiating conversations and booking meetings that go nowhere. If this were the dating world, we’d be talking about a calendar full of bad first dates. Everyone’s “swiping right,” but no one’s truly matching. No one’s getting a second date. No one’s committing. Something just isn’t working.

We can’t help you if you’re dating. But if you’re trying to sell your company’s products and services—well, the game is about to change. Instead of moving through a volume of potential customers as quickly as possible to build pipeline, the four-point FIRE methodology will help you focus your energy on accounts that:

  • are a good fit for your offering
  • are surging on intent signals
  • showed intent or engagement recently
  • have engaged with your brand

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Published:  Jul 27, 2018
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Type:  White Paper