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By: Kaon     Published Date: Feb 01, 2012
Savvy marketers are looking for ways to reuse interactive content across multiple platforms and venues to save money. Learn how virtual product demonstrations can be CREATED ONCE and reused ANYWHERE to reduce costs and accelerate sales.
Tags : cmo, ipad, 3d products, virtual products, interactive products, mobility, sales, marketing
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Jun 27, 2014
Dans un contexte commercial en constante évolution, caractérisé par une compétitivité extrême, l'époque où les entreprises passaient des mois, voire des années, à élaborer, tester et lancer une application, un service ou un nouvel ensemble de fonctionnalités, est bel et bien révolue. Les clients, les utilisateurs de technologies et le marché dans son ensemble sont à l'origine de ces changements : ils sont en effet plus réactifs que jamais et leurs attentes en matière de nouvelles fonctionnalités innovantes ont augmenté de concert. Autrement dit, les clients ne se contentent plus d'attendre la prochaine mise en production d'envergure. Ils ne souhaitent pas non plus se voir confrontés à des bugs ni à des défauts. En réponse à ce changement au sein même du marché, de nombreuses entreprises se sont tournées vers des méthodes permettant d'accélérer le cycle de mise en production de leurs applications, sans pour autant en impacter la qualité et le coût.
Tags : new application services, application testing, application releasing, devops, software development
     CA Technologies
By: Adobe     Published Date: Jun 26, 2019
IDC quantifies the value of Adobe Experience Manager Assets for organizations interviewed at an average of $3.17 million per year per organization over three years, which would result in an average three-year ROI of 366%. Adobe Experience Manager Assets generates this value by: — Increasing the return on content investments by improving asset findability and reuse and by reducing redundant content creation efforts — Accelerating time to value from marketing and brand campaigns by streamlining asset distribution — Improving team productivity through workflow automation — Reducing risk associated with the use of outdated or unapproved digital assets
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By: Quark Software     Published Date: Mar 19, 2015
The growth of the dynamic publishing market is shaping the way organizations develop streamlined enterprise content management strategies, keep up with shifting end-user content consumption trends and acquire the best solutions for scalability, output and ease-of-use. Dynamic publishing solutions is critical for content creators looking to address the largest audience possible. In their report, Analysis of the Global Dynamic Publishing Market, Frost & Sullivan examines the impact and vendor solutions. Download the report to: • Learn why dynamic publishing solutions are gaining significant traction across all industries and verticals • Discover which vendors are competing in the market — from those that offer point-solutions, such as XML authoring tools, to those offering complete end-to-end platforms • Access the latest research and predictions on the dynamic publishing market, which is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2017
Tags : xml authoring, structured authoring, structured content, dynamic publishing, enterprise publishing, automated publishing, publishing automation, xml publishing
     Quark Software
By: Xyleme     Published Date: May 06, 2015
There is an enormous gap between the level of mobile work and the level of mobile learning taking place. Many companies are trying to increase their focus on mobile learning initiatives, but feel like it is an insurmountable task. Xyleme can help. Read our lightpaper, “Delivering Learning to an Increasingly Mobile and Flexible Workforce,” to learn: • The potential hurdles companies must overcome when taking learning mobile • Best practices when considering mobile learning solutions for your organization • A better approach to delivering flexible, mobile content.
Tags : learning content management, mobile learning, content strategy, learning content delivery, learning content management system, content reuse
By: Xyleme     Published Date: May 06, 2015
Mobile learning doesn't have to be out of reach. We have developed this list of six best practices for taking your learning content mobile to help you start thinking about what it takes to go mobile the right way.
Tags : learning content management, mobile learning, content strategy, learning content delivery, learning content management system, content reuse
By: SAS     Published Date: Mar 06, 2018
Known for its industry-leading analytics, data management and business intelligence solutions, SAS is focused on helping organizations use data and analytics to make better decisions, faster. The combination of self-service BI and analytics positions you for improved productivity and smarter business decisions. So you can become more competitive as you use all your data to take better actions. Instead of depending on hunch-based choices, you can make decisions that are truly rooted in discovery and analytics. And you can do it through an interface that anyone can use. At last, your business users can get close enough to the data to manipulate it and draw their own reliable, fact-based conclusions. And they can do it in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. Equally important, IT remains in control of data access and security by providing trusted data sets and defined processes that promote the valuable, user-generated content for reuse and consistency. But, they are no longer forced
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