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By: Commvault     Published Date: Jul 06, 2016
ENDPOINT DATA. It’s often one of the most forgotten aspects of an enterprise data protection strategy. Yet, content on laptops, desktops and mobile devices is among a company’s most valuable data even while it’s potentially at the greatest risk. According to IDC there will be some 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015. However, only half of enterprises today are using some type of endpoint backup. That means that the volume of endpoint data that is in jeopardy is nothing short of significant. Download to read the buyer's checklist on endpoint data protection!
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By: Code42     Published Date: Jan 12, 2016
Endpoint backup is more than a copy of your data stored in the cloud; it’s the antidote to everything that ails enterprise endpoints.
Tags : code42, data, backup, security, endpoint, endpoint backup, employee churn, endpoint data
By: Code42     Published Date: Jan 12, 2016
CrashPlan provides enterprise organizations with a way to view, manage and protect data from walking out the door.
Tags : code42, data, protection, churn, security, insider threat, employee churn, employee turnover
By: Code42     Published Date: Jul 07, 2015
Beyond baseline requirements like centralized management, user transparency, scheduled backups and the ability to restore to different devices, buyers must evaluate against endpoint data protection differentiators to ensure they purchase the most secure and scalable solution for their organization.
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By: Code42     Published Date: Mar 20, 2014
While consumerization offers many benefits for both end users and the enterprise in terms of convenience, efficiency and productivity, it presents important challenges for IT departments, especially in terms of endpoint backup and data security. To reap the benefits of consumerization while avoiding security and other pitfalls requires an understanding of the origins of this latest IT trend, its enduring presence and how the most successful enterprises have effectively embraced this new reality.
Tags : codefourtytwo software, code 42, endpoint backup, data protection, mobile data, mobile devices, mobile security
By: Code42     Published Date: Jan 12, 2016
Code42 legt seinen Schwerpunkt auf die Datensicherheit und--sicherung–und das aus gutem Grund. Auf einem einzigen Gera¨t werden heute knapp 500 Mal mehr Daten gespeichert als noch vor einem Jahrzehnt. Somit wachsen die Sicherheitsrisiken exponentiell und auch die Gefahr eines Datenverlusts steigt. Die meisten Notfallpla¨ne konzentrieren sich auf Server von Rechenzentren und Disk-Arrays, dabei wird vergessen, dass beinahe zwei Drittel der Unternehmensdaten sich jedoch außerhalb des Rechenzentrums auf Laptops befinden.
Tags : code42, endpoint, endpoint backup, endpoint data, data security, data protection
By: Code42     Published Date: Jun 30, 2014
When evaluating endpoint backup options, organizations need to look for solutions that back up important data quickly, reliably and efficiently and without adding unnecessary burden to overtaxed and understaffed IT departments.
Tags : codefourtytwo software, code 42, endpoint backup, data protection, it management, enterprise applications
By: Code42     Published Date: Jul 03, 2014
Full disk encryption is the ultimate data guardian on corporate endpoints. But when deployed without endpoint backup, it can also be the ultimate nightmare. Many organizations rely on full disk encryption to to make data unreadable to unauthorized users. But without endpoint backup, the value of endpoint data is perpetually at risk. The right endpoint backup solution is necessary to ensure authorized users retain access to data should software or hardware fail.
Tags : codefourtytwo software, code 42, endpoint backup, data protection, security, it management, enterprise applications
By: Code42     Published Date: Oct 10, 2014
New research dives deep into the trends and drivers for enterprise endpoint backup. The mobile mind shift is here, and as employees increasingly favor using mobile devices—both personal and company-issued—for work, enterprise IT must ensure data protection and enable user productivity. Let's face it—we're beyond the data center. Relying on traditional firewalls and local file shares is no longer enough when it comes to securing and backing up this critical data ""on the edge"" on your endpoints. A comprehensive data protection strategy means backing up data across an exceedingly fast-growing number of devices and operating systems. Get the latest backup trends (and what to do about them) in this study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Code42 in March 2014.
Tags : endpoint, backup, research, mobile, device, productivity, enterprise, protection
By: Code42     Published Date: Oct 10, 2014
ESG Research shows only 38% of organizations have a formal process to back up the endpoint devices employees use to do their jobs. Gone are the days when protecting data meant simply backing up the corporate file server. The IT landscape has shifted, and now data is ever-more distributed. IT organizations are responsible for data protection regardless of device type or owner. If it's company data, IT must protect it. Read as Jason Buffington, senior analyst at ESG, discusses the evolution and quandary of distributed data caused by BYOD and mobile workforce policies. You'll also learn important considerations that reveal the differences between consumer- and enterprise-grade backup.
Tags : data, employee, endpoint, device, demand, research, organization, formal
By: Absolute Software     Published Date: Sep 09, 2011
Only the introduction of end-point security - the ability to force mobile computers to secure themselves - offers end-users the freedom to embrace mobility and IT departments robust protection for sensitive information.
Tags : absolute, end-point security, data breach protection, authentication, organizational policy, encryption, asset management, computrace
     Absolute Software
By: McAfee     Published Date: Feb 06, 2013
Today’s threats to endpoints and data are more complex, more numerous, more varied —and changing every second. McAfee understands next-generation security in the context of your devices, additional protection technologies, and central management.
Tags : endpoint security, mac security, linux security, real time security, anti malware protection, hips, desktop firewall, endpoint encryption
By: Code42     Published Date: Aug 04, 2016
"With enterprise data now traveling to the far reaches of the globe on employee laptops, tablets and smartphones, maintaining control and visibility can be a challenge for IT. But given the high cost of insider theft, leakage or damage, inaction is not an option. Organizations must create a robust data protection strategy to prevent data loss. That strategy should include endpoint data protection and a security-aware culture. Read the paper to learn more about endpoint data protection for extensible DLP strategies."
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By: CommVault     Published Date: Jun 10, 2015
For optimum protection while enhancing user productivity, consider the following features in this buyers guide.
Tags : protection, backup, productivity, flexibility, network management
By: Code42     Published Date: Sep 16, 2016
Maintaining control and visibility of data, the lifeblood of organizations, presents a substantial challenge — one prompted by significant changes in employee behavior and corporate infrastructure. Employees use a range of corporate or employee-owned devices and rely on SaaS tools to do their work. While these devices and services support higher levels of access and employee efficiency, they also decentralize corporate information. Read this whitepaper to find out strategic solutions to your data protection issues.
Tags : data protection, data control, code 42, data visibility, encryption, hacker detection, network security appliance, security management
By: Code42     Published Date: Apr 22, 2016
Read this whitepaper to find out strategic solutions to your data protection issues.
Tags : data protection, data control, code 42, data visibility
By: Code42     Published Date: Jan 27, 2017
Read the paper to learn more about endpoint data protection for extensible DLP strategies.
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By: Code42     Published Date: Apr 04, 2017
Download “The business of ransomware: What every CXO should know” to see how a modern approach to endpoint data protection can disarm this accelerating threat.
Tags : ransomware, cyber attack, recovery, cyber security, cyber criminals, ransomware as a service, cyberthreat, data breach
By: CDW-Trend Micro     Published Date: Mar 26, 2015
In today’s ‘always on, always connected’ world where sensitive data is almost certain to be stored electronically, organizations can no longer afford to operate without some form of Endpoint Protection. The costs related to network downtime or stolen data resulting from malicious attacks significantly outweighs that of maintaining an up to date solution. Although the unified nature of Endpoint Protection has made extensive security functionality easier to manage, selecting the right products can be a difficult task. This whitepaper aims to explain how the core functionality of Enterprise Protection suites have developed, what to look for in a solution, and which technologies will need to be considered in the future. In today’s business environment, it is no longer a question of whether to invest in Endpoint Protection, but a question of which solution is right for your organization.
Tags : endpoint security, data security, endpoint protection, enterprise protection, technology, networking, security, it management
     CDW-Trend Micro
By: Druva     Published Date: Jan 04, 2016
Endpoint backup has gone beyond simple backup/restore to a broader end-user data protection solution reducing various risks and increasing user productivity. This research helps I&O leaders evaluate enterprise endpoint backup solutions in two scenarios: cloud deployment and on-premises deployment.
Tags : enterprise, endpoints, backup, vendor comparison, cloud, on premise
By: Trend Micro, Inc.     Published Date: Apr 29, 2009
Protecting individual and financial data, retaining data, and meeting e-discovery requirements are common compliance requirements across geographies and industries. Finding accurate, usable, and cost-effective solutions for meeting these requirements can make the difference between achieving compliance goals or leaving the organization vulnerable through unsecured use of sensitive data. Trend Micro Data Protection solutions for endpoint data leak protection, email encryption, and email archiving help organizations meet their compliance requirements – easily and cost-effectively.
Tags : trend micro, trend, information technology, security, security requirements, compliance, e-discovery, customer churn
     Trend Micro, Inc.
By: Trend Micro, Inc.     Published Date: Apr 29, 2009
The greatest threat to enterprise data security comes from inside threats. Securing the enterprise requires an understanding of the data leak points, environment, people, and processes for managing sensitive information. This white paper explains how network-based and endpoint-based solutions can work together to provide the broadest protection available while ensuring scalability and manageability, and that employee productivity is not impacted.
Tags : trend micro, datadna, data leak, threat, leak, network boundaries, vulnerability threats, data leak
     Trend Micro, Inc.
By: Lumension     Published Date: Feb 07, 2014
Being able to compare the impact of application control and traditional anti-virus solutions could help you improve your server's performance and security.
Tags : lumension, server performance, server security, application control, anti-virus solutions, endpoints, application control solution, malware
By: Lumension     Published Date: Feb 07, 2014
Java vulnerabilities have dominated the security headlines. Some observers now say organizations should simply turn off the ubiquitous software platform. But what if there were a better way?
Tags : lumension, java vulnerabilities, unpatched vulnerabilities, blacklist order, third-party software, endpoint devices, data-security solutions, web content
By: Lumension     Published Date: Apr 15, 2011
Learn how to effectively secure endpoints with a defense-in-depth approach that includes patch management, anti-virus, application whitelisting and device control.
Tags : malware, endpoint security, anti-virus, data protection, cyberthreat
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