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By: SES     Published Date: Aug 01, 2019
A divisão digital impede o aproveitamento de todo o potencial das regiões carentes do planeta. Neste artigo, o autor mostra como uma rede 5G pode reduzir drasticamente a divisão digital e melhorar as condições econômicas em todo o mundo. Veja como a tecnologia de satélite pode aumentar a conectividade em regiões carentes e beneficiar a telemedicina, o emprego remoto e as oportunidades em educação.
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By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Oct 24, 2016
The mobile device is part and parcel of daily life. It’s fundamentally changed the way consumers behave, and this influence has spread to the enterprise sector as well. For instance, patron-owned mobile devices have largely helped pave the way for the widespread emergence of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Ten years ago, the idea of a company employee logging into the enterprise system while they’re on an airplane over the Atlantic would seem far-fetched, but today such behavior is relatively commonplace. Mobility is changing how we shop, work and live our daily lives.
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     Entrust Datacard
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jun 21, 2016
Imagine you manage a warehouse for a small shipping firm. You have a simple job: route packages. But your employer expands to 25 western cities and 50 locations. After further expansion you now need to track packages coming by truck, rail, and plane and route them based on contents and weight to 10,000 different locations worldwide. While keeping traffic in and out tightly secured, making sure each package reaches its destination on time, and without going over budget.
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By: Persicope Data     Published Date: Mar 07, 2018
The pace of change in business today is unprecedented. Consider this stark statistic tweeted by Vala Afshar, the Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce: Twitter only took 2 years to gain their first 50 million users1. This is only a fraction of the time compared with everyday products like the automobile and airplane, which took 62 and 68 years respectively to reach the same milestones.
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     Persicope Data
By: Rubrik EMEA     Published Date: Jan 04, 2019
Your company’s data is an irreplaceable asset, and every day your users are creating and storing that data on a mounting diversity of devices as well as in the cloud.
Tags : data, api, functionality, gui, backup, software, scripting, management
     Rubrik EMEA
By: SAP     Published Date: Nov 06, 2015
Este relatório, baseado na pesquisa feita com mais de 200 empresas, mostra que usuários de cloud estão adotando a nova, simples e colaborativa geração de soluções em nuvem, que permite precisão e eficácia em processos de alto desempenho em Planejamento e análise financeiros (FP&A).
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By: Adobe     Published Date: Mar 21, 2017
For some travelers, purchasing a plane ticket or checking into a hotel can mean only one thing : the beginning of a long , laborious, and frustrating trip where they’re met by overeager staff, noisy hotel neighbors, and sick plane passengers.
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By: Ogilvy - IBM UK     Published Date: Aug 08, 2011
Read how Real-time Compression can impact your environment in the ESG Lab Validation Report.
Tags : ibm uk, real-time compression, compression, nas, storage efficiency, deduplication, netapp, n series
     Ogilvy - IBM UK
By: Ogilvy - IBM UK     Published Date: Aug 08, 2011
This ESG Lab report examines an innovative high speed data compression appliance from IBM.
Tags : ibm uk, real-time compression, compression, nas, storage efficiency, deduplication, netapp, n series
     Ogilvy - IBM UK
By: Ogilvy - IBM UK     Published Date: Aug 08, 2011
Browse this summary for additional information about performance capabilities of an IBM Storwize V7000 storage system and IBM x3850 X5 servers.
Tags : ibm uk, ibm, storwize v7000, storage, management, consolidation, virtualization, tiering
     Ogilvy - IBM UK
By: Ogilvy - IBM UK     Published Date: Aug 08, 2011
This ESG Lab report presents the results of a mixed workload performance benchmark test designed to assess the real world performance capabilities of an IBM Storwize V7000 storage system and IBM x3850 X5 servers in a VMware-enabled virtual server environment.
Tags : esg, virtualization, ibm, storwize v7000, storage, management, consolidation, virtualization
     Ogilvy - IBM UK
By: Senn Delaney     Published Date: Oct 22, 2009
To the casual observer, aircraft manufacturer Airbus UK and pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) wouldn't appear to share a lot of common ground. Some would say that the worlds of building airplanes and producing the next blockbuster wonder-drug are light years apart. A closer look shows that these two organizations are more similar than one might initially think.
Tags : senn delaney, gsk, customer focused, brand management, customer-centric, employee management, employee engagement
     Senn Delaney
By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Sep 11, 2018
Hard- und Softwaresysteme werden immer effizienter, ausgereifter und nutzbringender, nehmen tendenziell allerdings auch an Komplexität zu. Als z. B. virtuelle Maschinen die Bare-Metal-Softwareumgebungen ablösten, entstand durch die Virtualisierung eine neue Ebene der Komplexität, die die IT-Teams mit einplanen und managen mussten. Auch der in den letzten Jahren zunehmende Einsatz von Microservices und Containern hat dazu geführt, dass immer mehr Komponenten in eine einzige Anwendung integriert und somit auch orchestriert werden müssen. In der Regel sind die für den IT-Betrieb zuständigen Teams jedoch in ihrer Fähigkeit begrenzt, dieser wachsenden Komplexität Herr zu werden. Naheliegend wäre sicher, mehr Personal einzustellen, dies ist allerdings keine sehr wirtschaftliche Lösung, die zudem keine guten Skalierungsmöglichkeiten bietet.
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     CA Technologies EMEA
By: VMware     Published Date: Dec 18, 2018
VMware is once again positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure. In the latest Magic Quadrant, Gartner acknowledges hyperconverged infrastructure is moving from compute and storage to a "full-stack." VMware believes it has the most trusted stack incorporating all major data center functions to deliver a single, ubiquitous control plane, agnostic of hardware. Download the report today to learn more about the hyperconverged infrastructure landscape and VMware's leading solution.
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By: Dell SB     Published Date: Jan 24, 2019
Introducing a refreshed and most complete mobile portfolio on the planet!
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     Dell SB
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 26, 2016
In this paper, you’ll explore how business analytics can form the foundation for a proactive threat management strategy. - See examples of how different types of organizations are applying analytics. - Learn practical steps you can take to combat threat and fraud in your own organization.
Tags : ibm, analytics, predictive analytics, risk management, enterprise applications
By: New Relic     Published Date: Apr 07, 2015
At Zendesk, they see using New Relic and Rackspace® solutions as a winning combination. New Relic allows them to understand the performance characteristics of their application, to monitor performance and quickly drill down to find and resolve issues. Additionally, New Relic shows Zendesk how their application interacts with the Rackspace infrastructure underpinnings so they can achieve the most effective and efficient use of their hosting environment. Together the Rackspace hosting environment and the New Relic application performance tool creates a foundation for SaaS application success. In turn, this frees up the Zendesk team to work on application features.
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     New Relic
By: Intel     Published Date: Aug 24, 2017
Debido a los cambios tecnológicos que se están dando en las organizaciones, estas dependerán cada vez más de plataformas digitales para proveer sus productos y servicios. Más de la mitad de las empresas con las que hablamos, dijeron que incrementarían sus gastos en su principal hosting, y en su CSP (Proveedor de Servicio de Nube) para el 2017, y los planes por Q para alojamiento así como CSP demuestran que los gastos irán incrementando persistentemente. Al suscribirte, estás confirmando que eres mayor de 18 años, y que estás de acuerdo con que Intel te contacte a través de emails relacionados a marketing o por teléfono con información sobre productos de Intel, eventos y actualizaciones. Puedes cancelar tu suscripción cuando quieras. Las páginas web de Intel están sujetas a nuestro aviso de privacidad y Términos y Usos.
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By: Oracle Marketing Cloud     Published Date: Oct 06, 2017
Given the fact that there are more mobile devices on the planet than there are human beings, engaging with customers via mobile should be a priority. Another interesting fact is that 90% of a consumer’s time while on a mobile device is spent in a brand’s app. Then consider this from Forrester: “Today’s customers demand a seamless, integrated brand experience delivered to them with ultimate simplicity and relevancy in real time.” Are you ready to deliver on these demands? To learn how to create relevant, high-quality customer experiences on any mobile device, download this guide.
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     Oracle Marketing Cloud
By: Workday DACH     Published Date: May 01, 2019
"Die meisten Unternehmen betrachten Finanzen und HR als unterschiedliche Bereiche. Eine Trennung, die vielfältige Probleme verursacht. Die Überführung von Finanzen und HR in ein einziges System macht es einfacher, das Gesamtbild zu sehen, Änderungen vorzunehmen und das Wachstum zu planen. Lesen Sie unser aktuelles Whitepaper und erfahren Sie im Detail acht gute Gründe, warum eine kombinierte Finanz- und HR-Lösung der bessere Weg ist."
Tags : financiën, workforce-technologie, digitale strategie
     Workday DACH
By: Aerohive     Published Date: Oct 27, 2015
Das Webinar richtet sich an IT-Spezialisten, die mehr über die Möglichkeiten im Bereich WLAN erfahren möchten bzw. an Organisationen, die planen, WLAN einzusetzen oder ihre bestehende WLAN-Infrastruktur zu erneuern.
Tags : wlan, wi-fi, wireless networks, wireless architectures, networking
By: Aerohive     Published Date: Oct 27, 2015
Detta webbseminarium är avsett för IT-proffs som vill lära sig mer om, implementera eller utöka de trådlösa nätverken i sin organisation.
Tags : networking
By: Oracle     Published Date: Sep 06, 2016
Learn why our world-leading, unified solution is relied on by market-leading companies across the planet.
Tags : supply chain, supply chain management, oracle, security, security application, cloud computing, unified solution, risk
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 27, 2016
This paper describes how predictive analytics can play a critical role in your threat and risk strategy.
Tags : ibm, threat, risk, management, security, analytics, fraud, enterprise applications
By: Oracle     Published Date: Mar 09, 2017
En este estudio, IDC trata el tema de las dificultades inherentes asociadas a los planes tradicionales de copia de seguridad de los datos y la dinámica cambiante de las estrategias de protección de datos.
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