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By: AlienVault     Published Date: Oct 20, 2017
This 2017 Spotlight report reveals the latest data points and trends in how organizations are leveraging Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) to augment, or in some cases completely outsource their security programs. You'll learn about key findings including: The predominant driver for organizations to consider managed security services The most critical capabilities organizations look for in MSSPs The most requested security services offered by MSSPs Key benefits respondents have achieved by partnering with an MSSP Whether you are evaluating using an MSSP, or are an MSSP yourself, download this report to gain valuable insights into how MSSPs are helping their clients improve their security posture.
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By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 13, 2007
This paper provides an overview of opportunities and benefits of business communications integration and includes two "before and after" scenarios - one in financial services and one in healthcare - that demonstrate how IBM clients have benefited from integrated business communications.
Tags : networking, convergence, ip telephony, application integration, business integration, ibm, business innovation, ip faxing
By: SpringCM     Published Date: Dec 07, 2006
Learn how web services integration enabled Priority Solutions’ clients and vendors to access documents in the SpringCM repository via the company’s self-service Web portal.
Tags : content management, document management, content management system, collaboration, web portal, portals, internet portal, springcm
By: Riverbed     Published Date: Feb 26, 2015
The financial industry is tough. Things change fast, and the field is always becoming more competitive and global. Likewise, clients are more demanding than ever, and customers now expect nothing less than 24/7 accessibility and reliability. To succeed in this environment, financial services firms and their clients rely heavily on IT to get the job done. Unfortunately, many firms struggle to keep up with those demands and are held back by issues with technology – especially regarding mission-critical applications.
Tags : apps, technology, finance, it management
By: VMware AirWatch     Published Date: May 25, 2016
La mobilité reste une opportunité stratégique importante pour les entreprises de toutes sortes, car elle peut contribuer à augmenter leur compétitivité en rendant les employés plus productifs ou en s'engageant auprès des clients de manière plus innovante. Pour atteindre ce potentiel, la mobilité des entreprises doit proposer aux utilisateurs une expérience simple sur plusieurs terminaux et offrir un espace de travail sécurisé pour les applications essentielles. Pour servir cette base d'employés mobiles et de clients, les entreprises doivent activer leurs fonctionnalités BYOD et self-service avec une plateforme établie qui s'adapte pour prendre en charge de nouveaux processus. La plateforme de gestion de la mobilité d'entreprise (EMM) offre à l'informatique la possibilité d'activer les transformations de processus métier, de favoriser de nouveaux revenus et de créer de nouvelles façons mémorables de se connecter aux clients.
Tags : best practices, business optimization, business management, application management, enterprise application, business intelligence, enterprise applications
     VMware AirWatch
By: Zendesk     Published Date: Jun 26, 2018
In the global market for customer service software, Zendesk is once again recognized as a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center. Every year, Gartner conducts a thorough analysis of service providers in the customer service and support application space. We believe the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center report provides valuable information for business leaders who seek technology solutions for interacting and engaging with their customers. Zendesk can again be found in the 2018 report’s Leader quadrant, which we consider a reflection of the success of our 125,000 customers, including enterprise clients like Airbnb, Tesco, and the University of Tennessee. The past year alone has included a number of significant milestones for us, including the release of AI-enhanced features for self-service and surpassing $500 million run rate in revenue. As our customer base continues to grow, we strive to be a dynamic vendor for bus
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By: IBM     Published Date: Jun 08, 2017
Digital transformation initiatives and the need for innovation are causing enterprises to rethink their IT landscapes including business-to-business (B2B) integration. Modern B2B integration is critical for enabling enterprises to achieve goals like increasing revenue, speeding up time to market, and improving efficiencies because these outcomes are dependent on having a successful business network. B2B practitioners have two goals — enable critical business initiatives and control costs — and cloud-based B2B services have been successful in helping enterprises achieve both goals. IDC interviewed eight IBM clients to understand how their use of IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, part of the IBM B2B Cloud Services portfolio, has impacted their operations and businesses. These organizations reported achieving strong value with IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, and IDC projects that their investment will yield an average three-year return on investment (ROI) of 308%, or more th
Tags : digital transformation, b2b integration, idc, ibm
By: WorkBook from Deltek     Published Date: Apr 26, 2018
Built on Amazon Web Services, Deltek’s powerful ERP software delivers an enterprise level of service and collaboration. Our best-in class ERP solution maximizes end user productivity through industry and role specific functionality, while providing unparalleled speed, scalability, flexibility, security and agility for advanced performance. Deltek can help your firm better serve clients and increase profitability.
Tags : deltek, roi, professional, services, firm, web, amazon
     WorkBook from Deltek
By: Juniper Networks     Published Date: Aug 10, 2017
Supporting multiple internal clients and all of their requirements for testing and production networks in more than 1,000 cities around the world—these are the unrelenting challenges for the 12 brands that comprise eBay Classifieds Group. Activating new platforms and features can take a lot of time; with the Juniper solution, turnaround time has been reduced to a few hours—sometimes less—which helps eBay Classifieds turn innovation into a real competitive advantage every single day.
Tags : ebay classifieds, web services, internal clients, contrail networking, cloud platform, sdn, business platforms, laas
     Juniper Networks
By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Oct 19, 2017
Dans un contexte où les entreprises se tournent de plus en plus vers les équipements mobiles, les services Cloud, leurs partenaires et les développeurs tiers, les API sont devenues incontournables. La passerelle d’API de CA Technologies, CA API Gateway, offre une solution unique, capable de prendre en charge les initiatives API internes. Elle offre ainsi aux entreprises la possibilité d’explorer de nouvelles voies novatrices d’exploitation des données tout en répondant aux attentes de leurs clients et en augmentant leur efficacité. CA API Gateway allie la gestion des règles à la mise en œuvre de règles d’exécution pour garantir la centralisation de l’application des règles entre l’entreprise et l’utilisateur final, indépendamment de leur localisation.
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     CA Technologies EMEA
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