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People for Business

People for Business Ltd (PFB) has been established since 1999. We are a B2B provider of HR Management solutions, working primarily to support SME companies in their endeavours, through effective resource management, development and utilisation. With over 20 years of Senior Management experience, we offer a range of high quality management services that are delivered professionally, with enthusiasm and conviction, with the highest of integrity to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of your business. From Board level to entry level we can guide, advise and implement best practice people management solutions for your business. We can hold your hand or we can do it for you. Being an SME ourselves we fully understand financial constraints and will tailor make solutions to meet your needs and budgets. Every decision you make about your business affects your people. Every decision you make about your people affects your business. HR can never be considered in isolation and at People for Business our broad commercial management experience ensures we take a holistic view and approach in order to help you find the best solution for your business.
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People for Business
Phone :
01908 660689

Address :
Millington House
1 Millington Gate
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
MK15 9HT

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