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Perimeter E-Security

Perimeter is the trusted market leader of information security services that delivers enterprise-class protection and compliance for businesses of any size. Through its cost-effective security-as-a-software platform, Perimeter offers the most comprehensive compliance, security and messaging services that include but aren't limited to: firewall management and monitoring, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection and prevention, hosted email, encrypted email, and email archiving. As companies struggle with the increasing cost, complexity and stringent compliance requirements associated with their information intensive businesses, Perimeter is the only provider that can simultaneously reduce the cost, manage all of the complexity and meet all of the compliance requirements from a single platform. Founded in 1997, Perimeter is headquartered in Milford, CT, with seven geographically distributed technical operations centers and four redundant datacenters. Perimeter's On Demand services, which are offered both on a Network (in-the-cloud) and CPE (customer-premise equipment) basis, are validated by TruSecure and guaranteed for current and future regulatory compliance.
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Perimeter E-Security
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